Monday, March 19, 2012

Remedy for sickness

Oaklynn woke up in the middle of the night crying (which is common with Rett Syndrome). I usually just check on her in the video monitor to make sure she isn't stuck and leave her in there to go back to sleep. That is exactly what I did this morning. She slept in until 9am. When I went into get her up, she had thrown up everywhere. It was all dry which meant that she had been sleeping in it for a while. I felt SO BAD!! 

She was having a pretty grumpy day so I decided to take her to Nana's house (my mom's). Nana ALWAYS puts a smile on her face. . .  She is Oaklynn's best friend. She had bought some new books for Oaklynn to read with her so she decided to show them to her today. Oaklynn was smiling and giggling the whole time. What's a better remedy for sickness than Nana?!?

Of course she was miserable again when we left. At least she got a few smiles in today!

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AR ;-) said...

That is so cute whitney!! And I'm sorry about the throw up. I've been there too :( brayden still gets up in the night almost daily! I feel like a mean mom but he has baby locks on the inside of his door so he doesn't wander the house in the night.. I'm too afraid of him hurting himself or getting in to things that are dangerous. That's why we gave him the master bedroom so he could have an attatched bathroom. Most of the time now he just plays with his ipad or looks at books until he can fall back to sleep. The funny thing is.. he knows how to take baby locks off of doors. He just knows when they are on he needs to stay in his room.