Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sleep Schedule

When Oaklynn was born, she started sleeping through the night at 1 week old. She was THE BEST sleeper ever!

Because of Rett syndrome, she no longer sleeps well anymore. She cries/screams going to sleep and cries/screams waking up (about 80% of the time that's how it is now). 

Her sleep schedule goes something like this:

7:30pm - Put in bed
8:00pm - Falls asleep crying/screaming
1:00am - Wakes up crying, screaming and playing
4:00am - Falls back to sleep
7:00am - Wakes up crying

It's been really hard recently being 39weeks pregnant and trying really hard to get some good sleep before I add another one who wont sleep through the night. My husband can't help out in the mornings if she gets up because he is up at 2:30am to get ready for work! With working full time and going to school full time, I think he needs more sleep and I do at this point. 

Well last night we went to her cousins birthday party. Came home and she was crying and wanted to go to sleep. We put her pajamas on and gave her a bottle and then cuddled. I took her from her dad to put her to bed and she was being SO STINKIN' cute that daddy didn't want her to go to bed yet. He wanted her to stay up and watch "The Office" with us and cuddle some more. She was being so silly and laughing and cuddling. She didn't end up being put to bed until about 9:00pm. 

She fell asleep at 9:30pm without crying AND slept until 8:30am. The good news is that she DID NOT wake up at all... she slept 11 hours straight and did cry falling asleep or waking up!!!!


AR ;-) said...

That's amazing whitney!!! Brayden still wakes up in the night on a regular basis.. but he now will just play with his ipad until he can fall asleep.. those early years are definitely the hardest!

Tanis said...

Our kids could be twins! Melia slept thru the night at 10 weeks... then the dreaded times when she did exactly what Oaklynn has been doing with the getting up and screaming multiple times in the night.
Now she screams going to bed and most nights she sleeps thru or if she doesn't she plays quietly in bed before going back to sleep.

Tanis said...

ps. I started using a sound machine with white noise to block out melia so i could actually sleep- and now owen has one in his room so she doesn't wake him up when she screams.... you might want to look into getting one.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad for you guys she slept. Brenna has went through that for quite a while. Her bedtime was 8:00 but once we bumped it to 9 she rarely wakes up at night anymore. She still naps during the day one time as well, usually 2 hrs. I hope this helps a little.