Monday, May 7, 2012


Some people think that there isn't much they can do to help us out. The biggest thing you can do is help spread awareness for Rett syndrome. My sister Stephanie (the photographer in the family) did just that and it's the sweetest post about Oaklynn's journey. She posted on her blog about Oaklynn and Rett syndrome. Her post brought me to tears reading it. She summed it all up so well. She also has new pictures of Oaklynn posted on her blog. Go HERE to read it.
How could you not want to share about Rett syndrome to try to find a cure for that sweet little face.


mj said...

A friend from high school directed me toward the post your sister did and I'm so glad she did! I have a 5 year old daughter named Leah with Rett syndrome - and I'm glad to see you are already connected with some of the most amazing Rett families I've ever had the privilege of meeting. Some of the women on the right hand column of your blog are my closest friends. I look forward to following Oaklynn and your family to see all the amazing things she will do. We were diagnosed in 2009 in CA, we currently live in NH, and will most likely be moving west again in a year or so. I have a sister who lives in Tucson, so I'll have to get her connected with you as she is interested in coming to Rett syndrome events that are nearby!
...maren layton

Stephanie Moore said...

We will continue to spread the word in every way we can!!!