Thursday, August 9, 2012

Big Girl Bed

Austin and I purchased a twin size bed frame for Oaklynn. We wanted her to be in a big girl bed that she can have for a LONG time. Kynslee needed a crib and so we decided to give her Oaklynn's in stead of getting a second crib. Oaklynn was growing out of her crib. She is a BIG mover whens he sleeps and is always getting her arms/legs stuck and we always have to go in to help her out. Because of her low muscle tone, she can't get herself unstuck. 

My dad put the bed frame together and then attached 1x4's to the bed to keep her from falling out. Once it was put together, he paint it all black. It looks AWESOME and she loves it! She looks so tiny in her big girl bed.

Next, my mom is going to sew padding to put around the wooden sides. Oaklynn rocks a lot and always bangs her head against the side of her crib so we are going to pad the bed to make it safer for her. I'll post more pictures when those are done. Thanks Papa... We LOVE the bed!!

(P.S. She can no longer pull to stand but if she does, there is room to add another row of 1x4's to keep her safe)

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