Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Oaklynn kept saying "baby" the other day. Austin, Oaklynn, and I were sitting on the couch. Oaklynn was on my lap facing me and I was talking to her and she just kept saying "baby". Of course it wasn't as clear as a 2 year old would speak but we could tell it was baby. So we kept saying that baby sister was in bed and just kept talking to her and playing. She continued to say "baby" and so I said to Austin, "I wonder if she wants her baby doll." Austin reach down and picked her up her baby doll off the ground.
I put it in front of her and said, "Oaklynn, do you want your baby"? She saw her baby and immediately raised her eyebrows, smiled, started rocking, threw her arms out and started shaking. We laughed because we could tell that she was excited.

I guess we now need to realized that maybe she is saying things because she is trying to tell us something, not just because!

I have been so proud of her recently. She have been doing SO good with therapy. I see how hard it is for her to try to grab something she wants so I know how hard it is for her when she actually does. She is working so hard and I know she will be walking one day. Maybe not till she is 8, but it will happen. She is so determined and wants to so bad! Love my sweet angel.

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