Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This video brought tears to my eyes. The love these kids have for their sisters is amazing. I am excited for my kids to love on their big sister. Listen to the little boys poem about his sister... such sweet words. 

I want to share the poem with you again because it was so sweet...


My sister
She is strong, but silent.
She will grow, but not grow a voice.
She needs help, but helps others more.
Is poetic, but can not make a rhyme.
She hears, but can not be heard.
On the inside she yells for help, but no one ever hears her.
She is full of responses, but is saving them for the right time to respond.
She is looking for a voice, but can not find the right one to use.
She is a fighter, but can not give a command.
This is a life without being heard.

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