Saturday, October 20, 2012

3rd times a charm?

You can read about Oaklynn's first button surgery to get her G-tube placed on September 25th HERE.

You can read about the second button surgery on October 16th HERE.

So on Wednesday we got home from our second button surgery. That night I woke up at 1am and looked at the video monitor that shows me what the girls are doing in their rooms. I noticed that Oaklynn had fallen asleep on her knees (which happens often. She rocks herself to sleep on her knees and then can't get off her knees and falls asleep). When I saw her, I decided to go into her room to lay her down. I was practically sleep walking as I was on only 5 hours of sleep in 48 hours (from being at the hospital the night before). On my way out of her room and jammed my baby toe into her bench. I immediately knew I broke it. It was facing the other direction! I went to my podiatrist the next day and after he took x-ray's, found out I have a spiral fracture in my toe. It is wrapped up and I'm in a walking boot. If it doesn't heal properly, I have to have surgery to correct it.

Well, then on Friday night Austin was changing Oaklynn and getting her ready for bed and he noticed that her button didn't look right. I came in to look at it and it looked like it was pulled out of place again. I thought that maybe we should try to do a feed to see if everything is OK. When I opened her button and tried to put the milk in, nothing went in and she was really uncomfortable. Right then, we realized that something wasn't right. There was nothing we could do about it that night (as there was NO WAY we were going to go to the ER that late at night and go through all that again). So we all just went to bed. 

On Saturday morning I fed her breakfast and had forgotten about the button problems. We went about our day and headed to a boutique that was raising money for Oaklynn. I wanted her to meet some of the vendors who were helping her out. While we were there, I noticed that her button was leaking on her shirt pretty bad (more than it ever had before). I then remembered the problems we had the night before. We left the boutique and went home to try a feed to see if there were still problems. When I tried again to feed her, she was in pain and the liquid wouldn't go in. I immediately called the on-call surgeon (which happened to be our surgeon who placed the first button) and she said it sounded like the button moved into her stomach wall again and was in the wrong spot. She said we would have to go to the ER again but that we would schedule the surgery at 4pm so we should get there at 2:30 to check in and stuff. We couldn't do the surgery until 4pm because of the oatmeal I had given her that morning. She needed to have an empty stomach for the surgery.

We again dropped little sister off at my parents (LOVE THEM) and went to the hospital. This time it was faster than ever before. We went from one room to the other without waiting too long. We tried to be really positive about having to be there a third time. We sang songs and did a little photo shoot.

 She also chilled and watched some "Finding Nemo".

When we went back, the surgeon was right there ready and waiting for us. She took Oaklynn from us and the surgery started just before 4pm. They did the same thing as before (she had to go under) but the only difference is that she tried a different button this time. They put the MIC-KEY button in this time. The bard button that we had before, you can't change the size of the "ball" that is in the stomach. Where as the MIC-KEY, you can make it however big you want to. So we were thinking that if we made it bigger, it would be harder for it to shift out of place. 

She came back out 15 minutes later to tell us it went really well. We went back to see Oaklynn and hung out there for maybe 20 minutes and then got to go home! This was the fastest surgery yet. 

So far she is doing good. We already gave her a feed of breast-milk before bedtime and it went into her button SO FAST!! I really feel good about this new button and am praying we don't have to go back to the hospital anytime soon.

So, in just 26 days we have had G-tube placement surgery for Oaklynn, another surgery to correct the button that moved out of place, I broke my toe, and another surgery for Oaklynn to correct yet another button that moved out of place. 

I am for sure done with this month and ready to move onto the next!

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