Monday, October 15, 2012

Blue Sky Girls Event

On October 13th every year, the Blue Sky Girls around the world host their annual event to celebrate Rett Syndrome Awareness Month. We honor these girls and the strength and will that they have shown to keep going no matter the odds and difficulties they face every minute of their lives. We have the girls climb the stairs (or get carried up if they can't walk) as a symbolic gesture because climing takes you upward and forward even it if is difficult.This year was the second annual event and our first one we attended (as we didn't have this diagnosis or know about Rett Syndrome last year). 

In Arizona, we met at the Arizona State Courthouse where there was a big staircase. We had firefighters there helping to carry our girls (or their wheelchairs) up the stairs. We also had Miss Arizona USA and Miss Arizona Teen USA attend to meet our girls and help raise awareness. 

We started with a Rett mom talking about Rett syndrome and what it does to our girls. How our girls are trapped inside their bodies and just waiting for that cure to set them free. Then  Miss Arizona USA and Miss Arizona Teen USA presented us with the proclamation signed by the Arizona Governer stating that October is officially Rett Syndrome Awareness month in Arizona!

Then each girl was introduced one by one and they walk up the steps (or were carried). Some walked a few steps and then were carried the rest of the way (Oaklynn was one of those). There were 11 girls with Rett Syndrome there.

Once we were done walking the steps, we gave a round of applause to these amazing girls.
 We then all released our balloons into the air.

 Our little family after the event

 This was everyone who came to support Oaklynn.
 All of the girls and their parents

 Oaklynn started walking after the event. I put her down and she started initiating walking all on her own. It has been a while since she has done that and the first time she has done it with her AFO's on.
 Oaklynn with her Grandma and Grandpa 
(her daddy's mom and step dad).

THANK YOU to all who came to bring awareness to Rett Syndrome. This event will be every year in October so if you didn't make it out to this one, there is always next year. Mark your calendar and help us make the next event even bigger than this one!

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