Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New AFO's

Oaklynn got her new AFO's (ankle-foot orthosis) the other day. We LOVE them. They are black and white zebra print with pink straps. 

She is rockin' her new AFO's!

 I had to get shoes for her to wear when she is working on walking (if she isn't walking and just hanging out, she doesn't have to wear shoes with her AFO's). I went to the mall with an AFO and walked around trying to find the right shoe. It has to be big and open wide. I originally thought I would be looking for a skater shoe but turns out Converse works best! They open up really wide and I can slide her foot right in.

This is her very first pair of shoes that she will actually be walking in! I pray that she will wear these out so much from walking that we will have to spend money on more shoes. One day I will buy running shoes for my little angel so she can run alone side me.



Kerri said...

Tears in my eyes! I love them! And yes!!! She will run with you! I love you both!

charity said...

lexi has smo's and she has wore nikes and carter brand shoes with them. oaklynns afos are so cute though

Scott and Laura said...

I love this! My son also has AFO's and Converse sneakers were the only thing we found to work. SO cute!!