Friday, July 26, 2013


Oaklynn had her Occupational Therapist over and they were in her room working. I was out at the kitchen table trying to entertain Kynslee (as she often tries to join Oaklynn during therapy). I all of the sudden heard Oaklynn "talking" really loud and a lot (her talking is moaning and trying to get sounds out). Then she did what she rarely does (only when she is excited). She started talking like a 16 month old would. She moved her mouth around and tried to put consonants and vowels together and tried so hard to actually get real words out. She started yelling and hyperventilating from excitement. 

Her OT started laughing and said, "Ya, Oaklynn! Do you like ducks?" I walked in and saw they were reading a book together and there was a duck on that page. I asked if she started "talking" and getting excited once they saw the duck and she said, "Yes. Oaklynn must love ducks".

 I got down next to Oaklynn's face and said, " Let me tell you why Oaklynn is so excited. Last Saturday we went to the park and Oaklynn got to feed the ducks!" Oaklynn immediately looked at me with a BIG smile and started giggling. I said, "Oaklynn, you are wanting to tell Mrs. Elise about how mama put the bread in your hand and how we threw it really far into the water and how all the ducks came over and ate all your bread... huh?" She couldn't stop smiling. It brought tears of joy to my eyes.

 I love it when she can express her excitement about something just like any other 3 year old would. 

This mama duck is proud of her sweet little duckling!

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