Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Today is our anniversary of D-day (diagnosis day). It marks 3 years since we have had the diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. I remember it all too well. The pain, the heartache, the grief, and the feeling that I couldn't breathe. Today is a day to reminisce on the things she use to be able to do. Not to grieve, but to have hope that a cure will come and she will regain all these skills again. The waving, holding things, feeding herself, pulling to stand, crawling, walking and talking.

A year after she was diagnosed, I ran my first half marathon ON her diagnosis day in honor of her. 

The next year I couldn't run as I was pregnant. So my friend ran in honor of her daughter, Melia, and my Oaklynn.

This year I wasn't able to run or even make it to the run. So I want to find another way to make this day a positive day instead of a negative day. I would love to turn this D-Day from a "Diagnosis Day" into a "Donation Day"! If you can, please PLEASE donate to Rett Syndrome Research in honor of Oaklynn. I can't even stress how close we are to a cure. Any and all amounts are appreciated... even if it is $5! Please share our page and ask others to help me make today a positive day for us. Go to www.GP2C.org/Oaklynn and donate there. Thank you all for all your support and love and for helping me change this day for the better.

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Brett and Heather said...

Oaklynn is such a beautiful girl! We love you guys! Miss you!