Monday, November 16, 2015

Speech Training

For those that aren't aware, we flew in a specialist, Susan, for 2 days to work with Oaklynn. She has worked with over 300 Rett girls to teach them how to communicate. Also teaching them how to read and write as well as teaching the parents and school the best way to teach us and help us learn.

It was 2 of the best days ever. It was much better than I could have ever expected. Watching Oaklynn have full conversations was amazing! I can't even put into words everything we got out of it so here are some videos.

Before this video started Oaklynn's at home Occupational Therapist, Renee, had just walked in (that is who you hear talking). Susan wanted to have Oaklynn talk about the music they just listened to but as you'll see, Oaklynn takes over her device and decides she wants to tell Renee about something else. You'll also notice that there are times when Susan touches her device, it talks. She is modeling words for Oaklynn. So when you see her hand at the device, Susan is modeling but all other times, Oaklynn is talking. Pay attention to her eyes and her smile. This is what I mean when I say that Oaklynn speaks with her eyes.

We later realized that Oaklynn was saying "I'm Sorry" at the end of the video because Susan had the wrong book. She was telling Susan she was sorry that she chose the wrong book, lol.

This next video continues with the conversation. You can see how excited she gets in this video because she wants so bad to tell Renee about the story.You'll also notice that because of her apraxia, she has moments where she needs extra time to answer. She knows what she wants to say but can't get her body to respond. So she needs extra time to work through things and then comes back and is able to respond.

Next video continues with the conversation...

That was one of my favorite conversations from those two days. She was so excited about the book and did so well explaining it to Renee.

Now you'll notice in this next set of videos, Susan places her computer in front of the eye gaze. She took it away so Oaklynn could have a break (it's a lot of work to use your eyes to talk). So now she is going to work on Oaklynn using her eyes to communicate without her talker because she wont have it when we are out and about. 

This next video continues with the conversation. You'll notice that when she makes eye contact with Susan she is responding with a "YES" and when she turns her head away and is responding with a "NO".

She was so quick at responding, it was amazing! 

We were so proud of her and how hard she was working. She was so excited to use her talker and her new pages. The next day we worked at the school. I will post video taken while working at the school in another post.

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