Friday, March 16, 2012

Big girl

Oaklynn has a hard time keeping a grip on things (part of Rett Syndrome). I thought I would help her hold a spoon so she can try to feed herself like a "big girl". I mean just because she can't talk, doesn't mean she doesn't want to make decisions and do things by herself. 
I attached a spoon to her hand by using a hair tie so that when she opened her hand, the spoon wouldn't fall out.
I then put the food on her spoon and held her elbow to help guide her to her mouth. (If I don't hold her elbow, her arms would be all over the place because she can't control her arms)
She was SO PROUD of herself and loved being able to be a big girl and feed herself!! I wanted to cry seeing the joy in her face when she got it to her mouth on her own.

Just because she is different, doesn't mean she can't try things that kids her age do. I just have to get creative and think of ways to let her experience these things in a different way.

How can you not LOVE that last picture?!? She is too stinkin' cute.

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