Friday, March 16, 2012

New Neurologist

Friday we had an appointment with a new neurologist. It went really good. Oaklynn was all smiles the whole time and would randomly start talking (jabbering) really loud while the doctor was talking. When we all stopped talking and looked at her, she would smile... lol. The doctor said that Oaklynn just makes her so happy, she's a "little ray of sunshine".

Anyways, she showed us the EEG and told us that it doesn't show if she has had seizures or if she will have them. It just shows brain activity and if it's a possibility that she has had them or could have them. Her brain activity showed certain "pins" that are common with those who have seizures. She said if she was a betting woman, she would bet Oaklynn will end up having seizures. She said that she doesn't want to medicate her until we know for sure that she is having seizures. She told us about all the different kind of seizures and what to do if we realize she is having one. She said if it lasts more then 5 minutes, call 911. If it doesn't, call her immediately to get her on medication.She told us to watch youtube videos to see what different seizures look like so we can recognize them when we see them. Gave us a little packet on Epilepsy resources and other information.

We were really pleased with her and are going to keep going to her instead of the other neurologist. Oaklynn loved her, we loved her and we felt that she knew what she was talking about. We were very pleased with the visit.

Last Sunday morning I watched old videos of Oaklynn waving at me and doing things that she can no longer do. I had a really rough rest of the day and was emotional the whole day. I will be waiting to watch these seizure videos until I have a day with  nothing planned, lol.

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