Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sister love

Oaklynn loves to hold her sister. She loves it when we put Kynslee on the floor with her. Unfortunatly we can't walk away or let her too close to her sister becuase of her apraxia (unable to control her arms). She smacks her sister when she gets too close. I know she is sad when she makes her sister cry because she gets a sad look on her face that she is disapointed that she hurt her sister.

Here are some pictures of her playing with Kynslee. There isn't anything that can get her away from that train toy. When I put Kynslee down, she crawled right over to see her.

Whenever I let her get close to Kynslee, she tries to hold her hand...

And here is a photo shoot I did of Oaklynn, my little ham...

I love these last pictures because it looks like she is standing on her own. She is still not able to do that but she looks like such a big girl!

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