Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I never thought that the word bubble would bring tears of joy to my eyes.

Today I sat down with Oaklynn and blew bubbles. I would say bubble each time I blew them and she would giggle and smile.

Out of no where she said, "bubble". I was in shock and kind of in denial that I just hear her say bubble. I thought there was no way she could have just said that. I kept blowing bubbles and saying bubble to her. Again, she said, "bubble". I then started crying realizing that she did just repeat me and say bubble!!

Austin came home from school right after the second time she said bubble and asked why I was crying. I told him Oaklynn said bubble and he said, "wow". I don't think he believed me or he did but his reaction was my first reaction, denial (there is no way she could have done that). Just then Oaklynn repeated me and said, "bubble". Daddy got to hear that I wasn't crazy and she really was saying bubble!!

I then grabbed my phone and started recording. Of course when you start to record something, they never do it again for you. I sat on the floor with her for about another 15 minutes, holding my phone up and recording video after video, just waiting for it to happen again. I actually caught her saying bubble on video. This is the 4th time she said bubble. It isn't as clear as the rest but since she was just saying it, we could tell that she was trying to say bubble again...
I love how hard she tries. Just goes to show that Oaklynn is all there. She understands everything, just trapped in her little body and trying so hard to get out. I love you sweet girl!


bailey michael said...

this is awesome Whitney! Thanks for keeping us posted on your blog! Go Oaklynn!

charity said...

i can't watch the video since it says its private but thats so awesome she repeated the word bubble for you. any new word is a reason to celebrate. my daughter has autism and last week she said want for the first time i was excited.