Monday, June 11, 2012


Happy Birthday to a little girl who has forever changed my life. You taught me what life is all about and helped me to be a better person. I love you more than words can express.

Here are some of my favorite pictures/videos over the last 2 years.

 (Newborn pictures done by Stephanie Moore Studios)
(First time swimming)
(She lost her hair on both sides. She had an awesome mohawk)
 (Loves looking at herself in the mirror)
(Volume isn't working but I am smacking my lips together to make a noise and she is trying to copy me, LOL. She can no longer imitate what you do.)

(6 moth photo shoot by Stephanie Moore Studios)
(holding your own bottle!!)
(waving for the first time (She can no longer do this). It's about 48 seconds into the video)

(Loves to swing)
(Easter family picture)
(Helping daddy set up his birthday gift)
(Helping mom do the dishes)
(Signing "more"(She can no longer do this).  It's about 16 seconds into the video)
(Loved to eat!)
(Constantly collecting socks to stick in her mouth and suck on)
(Our energy efficient baby)
(Flexible little girl, lol)
(LOVES her Mickey Mouse. So sad the volume isn't working. She is screaming in this video until the second I turn on Mickey Mouse, she looks at the TV and stops.)
(First, and only time falling asleep while eating)
(Feeding herself with mom's help. So proud)
(Our little ham!)
(Just chillin')

And here are pictures from her birthday party...
(Most the birthday pictures were taken by Stephanie Moore Studios)
 (Her FAVORITE song is "3 little monkeys swinging in a tree". So I had to get a cake made about that song)

 (Mommy helping her blow her candles)
 (Singing happy birthday)

 (Crying tears of joy. She was SO happy while we were singing to her. Everyone wanted to sing again and again because she was so happy.)

 (We let her feed herself cake. None got to her mouth but I'm sure she had fun playing with it.)
 (Frosting mohawk!)
 (Taking her braces off so she could attack her cake)

We will find a cure and enjoy MANY more birthday's to come. Happy Birthday sweet Oaklynn!!


Stephanie Moore said...

OH my gosh I love that girl. It's so hard to watch those videos of her doing things she doesn't do anymore, it puts tears in my eyes. But then I think of all the amazing moments we have with her, even when she is regressing, and I feel so grateful. I love her more than I can say, she is so special to Mike and I. Happy Birthday to the sweetest niece an Aunt could ask for!

bailey michael said...

Happy Birthday sweet Oaklynn! Such an inspiration to everyone. You are an amazing mother Whtiney! These are beautiful pictures.