Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sensory Blanket

Oaklynn's Nana (my mom) made her a "sensory blanket". I went and bought a bunch of fabric that was all different textures and colors. I gave it to my mom and she sewed a blanket together for her. We now sit Oaklynn on it when she plays so that she can reach down and feel all the different textures. She is a sensory seeking child so it's GREAT!

* * * * * THANKS NANA * * * * *

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Beth Campbell said...

Well done Nana! My son's OT told me today that I should make one for him. I'd never heard of them before so I'm searching Google Images at the moment for ideas! Glad your little beauty likes hers, hopefully it will help my sensory seeking micro-preemie Max too! :)