Thursday, September 13, 2012


Head on over to Very Jane and check out the 6 necklaces for sale. A friend over at Mindy Mae's Market listed these necklaces to benefit Oaklynn. ALL of her proceeds are going towards helping us get Oaklynn to a Rett Syndrome clinic in California. She named the collection "Our Silent Angel's Collection" in honor of Oaklynn. She also named each necklace inspired my Oaklynn... Brave, Courage, Inspire, Love, Strength, and Hope. Very Jane has also decided to give ALL their portion to Oaklynn so we will be walking away with a lot more than expected.Please consider purchasing one and spread the word!

(Also, please head on over to Mindy Mae's Market and Very Jane's Facebook page and "like" it. They sell some pretty awesome stuff)


Leanne said...

Those are beautiful. I'm heading over now.

LuckyRedHen said...

Oaklynn is ADORABLE :) I used to babysit a little girl with Rett Syndrome until I moved away twenty years ago and she still pops into my memory on occasion. I dig the necklace names being named after your daughter :)

Gina said...

Very pretty! Will head over there now!