Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oaklynn's Life Video

I made a video about Oaklynn's life and how Rett Syndrome has affected it (and all other girls out there). Please take the time to watch... Thank you!

Please also share this video with everyone you know.


Amy Eagleston said...

This is beautiful. I don't have words! Love you and your sweet family!

Home...where beauty comes to life said...

You did a great job Whit. It's beautiful!

sandra said...

Whitney, that was a beautiful video, you are such a strength to everyone, and you have done so much good, I can see why you have been blessed with Oaklynn, you have so much love and strength and talent to share with others and lift and strengthen. My heart is with you!

Clarissa B. said...

so so beautiful! i love that song!

Kristin said...

what an amazing beautiful girl you have. Oaklynn has touched my life already and made me rethink all the things I have to be grateful for. The love you give her and that she returns to you is evident. It just radiates out of every single picture and video of her, you, your family.

All my best.