Friday, December 21, 2012

"W" sitting

Oaklynn lost a lot physically during the regression phase. What she can do currently is roll over and then from her tummy, push herself up to sitting. She sits "w" which is really bad for your legs. It's when your knees are bent with feet behind you, but your bottom is on the floor.
(below is her "w" sitting)

I have tried so much and couldn't think if anything more to do to help her. Finally I thought about putting her in a sleep sack that was tight so that she couldn't spread her knees apart. That way she could kneel but not "w" sit. I contacted my friend Brittany and asked if she could help me out. I sent her Oaklynn's measurements and this is what she came up with... 

LOVE the fabric. Oaklynn loves bright colors, so that was perfect. Also, it is SUPER soft and Oaklynn is a sensory seeker, so she is loving the feel of it. And the best news is...


She can still get up on her knees, but do you notice how she can't spread her legs apart to "w" sit? It's perfect!! Another good thing is that we can't put any blankets in Oaklynn's bed with her because if she gets it over her face, she can't pull it off. This helps keep her warm at night! We are so happy with it. 

I am all about supporting small businesses so please show Brittany some love and let her know that Oaklynn sent you her way. Her Etsy shop is currently closed, but not for good. So stay tuned... she will be back.
Click on THIS LINK for her Facebook page, and THIS LINK for her Etsy shop page. 



Liz said...

My 3 year old 'W' sits constantly but I think he would rebel against this.. looks great though.. any other ideas?

heather said...

You are one BRILLIANT momma! Good thinking!

shells123 said...

awesome!!! Smart thinkin' mom!!Wish I'd had this 18 years ago!! When I went through this with my son. I'll pass along you page for other parents!!