Monday, January 7, 2013

Ballet Bar

We got Oaklynn a Ballet Bar to use for therapy purposes. I have always wanted a mirror in her room because she has always loved them since she was a baby. I couldn't find the right one that I could put low enough for her to see herself (since she can't stand on her own). I was searching online for something to help her stand and I came across THIS Ballet Bar (they call it a coordination bar, but I think ballet bar is cuter). I immediately bought it for Oaklynn. I love how she can stand on her own by holding on and be able to see herself in the mirror.

 Here is a video of her trying out her new bar . . .

* * * Her giggles are so contagious * * *

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Layne012 said...

Oh my gosh this melts my heart!! Her laugh is the greatest!!! So cute!!