Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

This mothers day was WONDERFUL. Got to spend the day with my husband and my two girls. Last year was a very difficult Mother's Day. It was less than 3 months after Oaklynn was diagnosed. I also had a 2 month old and my hormones were still out of whack from having a baby. It was really hard to see all those cute posts on Facebook where the child gets asked a question like, "How old is your mom?, What does your mom do?". It was hard seeing those sweet/silly answers and know that Oaklynn could never do one about her mom. It was such a hard mothers day and I cried most of the day. This year was MUCH different. I am out of my "shock" phase and have a whole new perspective on life.

We are part of a program called HOPEKIDS. It is a group of families that have children who have life threatening medical conditions. A local cosmetology school let Hopekids have the salon for the day (and for free). It was a mother daughter pampering day. So Oaklynn and I got to go get our hair done, nails done, pictures taken, and eat lunch... all for free! How awesome is that? We had a really good time together and I loved spending time alone with just her.

Picture below is Oaklynn getting her hair done. I had to hold her head still (since she rocks so much). I was singing to her to keep her calm.

 Getting our nails done together

They also took a better picture of the two of us that I was told they would send to me... but I still have not received it.

The next day I was surprised with chocolate covered fruit that my girls made for me (with daddy's help). They also made me cards and I loved it. Daddy video taped Oaklynn making her card. She was so excited and so happy to be making mommy a gift and he wanted me to see it (since she can't tell me how excited she is). So he recorded them making the card. I got to sit and watch 15 minutes of them making me a card and I cried through the video. I loved seeing the excitement in her face and her choosing the colors. It was the best!

This year I also had someone send me roses "from Oaklynn". I thought it was my husband at first and I sent him a text to thank him. He immediatly called me (although he was at work), asking who sent me flowers. I told him, "Oaklynn did and I love them, thank you". He said, "no... seriously. Who sent them?" I then realized that he didn't send me the flowers. Someone (who chose not to put their name on the card so we have no clue who they are), sent me roses with a note from Oaklynn. It was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing ever. I cried when I realized that someone else did it. So if you are reading this blog post... THANK YOU! You made my mother's day extra special.

I hope everyone else had a WONDERFUL mother's day!

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