Monday, June 24, 2013

Throwing up for 12 days

Oaklynn started throwing up on Saturday June 8th. My sister had a stomach bug the day before and was around her so we just figured she got the stomach bug as well. She threw up again on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. I finally took her to see our pediatrician and he couldn't find anything wrong. We got x-rays to rule out pneumonia and those came back negative. We went back home and I thought that maybe it was acid reflux. So I decided to look into it more. I started feeding her very light foods and even raised the head of her bed so she would be sleeping at a slant. That still wasn't working. She was still throwing up every day. On Wednesday June 19th, it had been 11 days since she started throwing up and I didn't know what to do anymore. I took her to the ER to get more tests done to see what was wrong. They found that she has an ear infection but as for the stomach problems... everything came back negative. They were stumped and didn't know what else to do and sent us home.

Well, my friend Kelly has a daughter with Rett syndrome. I reached out to her for help as we have done everything else we could think of. She told me that her daughter Brooklyn throws up from drainage (snot going down the back of her throat). It sits in her stomach and causes her to throw up. I had never even though about the fact that Oaklynn can't blow her nose or cough up mucus when she needs to.

It all clicked and I realized that just might be our problem! She never had a runny nose but she has had a wet cough and when she would breath, we could hear that she was congested. So the next day I went to the pharmacy and got cold medicine to help dry out her sinuses. I gave her 2 doses that day and there was no throw up!! She hasn't thrown up since starting the cold medicine.

I am so grateful for moms who understand and I can turn to for ideas and suggestions. Thank you Kelly... you're a life saver!

(on top of Oaklynn throwing up daily and having an ear infection, our 1 year old has had the stomach flu, an ear AND throat infection with a 104 degree fever. Austin and I have also been fighting colds. It's been a crazy couple weeks. So when I say Thanks Kelly, I MEAN IT!)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great that you moms can help each other out! I love that you have a "network" you can turn to! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!This is from Suzy....Brooklyn's Grammy!

Veronica Bombria said...

Holy smokes, glad it was simple to fix. Trying to figure it out pain/suffering with our girls is so heartbreaking. They are unhappy, and we have to always do process of elimination to get to the root of the problem. Thank u for posting :)