Monday, June 24, 2013

Role Model

When I first found out we were having another girl after Oaklynn, I was SO excited. I come from a family of 5 girls and 1 boy. I had many sisters to look up to as role models. I grew up wanting to be like my big sisters and I looked up to them. So when I found out that Oaklynn would have a little sister, I was SO thrilled for her to be able to to be a role model for her little sister. 
Then came Oaklynn's diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. I automatically thought how her little sister would be teaching Oaklynn everything and Kynslee wouldn't have a "big sister" to teach her things and be a role model. It crushed me knowing that Oaklynn would want to be that "big sister" and teach her little sister the rules of life but wouldn't be able to. Kynslee quickly surpassed Oaklynn and started doing things that Oaklynn can't and that has been really hard.

About a few weeks ago, Kynslee (who was 14 months old) walked up to me with Oaklynn's arm brace and put it on my lap. I put it on the table and kept doing what I was doing. She took it from the table and put it in my lap. I again put it on the table. She grabbed it, screamed at me, and put it in my lap. I opened it up and decided to put it on her arm not realizing that is what she was wanting all along. She giggled with joy and ran into where her sister was and sat next to Oaklynn giggling. They had matching arm braces and Kynslee was SOOO happy to be like her big sister. That's when it hit me, just because Oaklynn is different, doesn't mean her little sister can't want to be just like her. Kynslee looks up to Oaklynn and it brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Kynslee wants to be in the same room as Oaklynn and loves sitting right next to her (if not ON her).
Kynslee has been bringing Oaklynn's toys to her to play with. She brings her books and flips through them while sitting next to her. She loves to sit in Oaklynn's swing with her.

Recently she has even picked up food off Oaklynn's tray that has fallen out of her mouth and tried to put it back in her mouth (at the same time, she has also been caught taking food out of Oaklynn's mouth and feeding herself, lol)
Kynslee is the only person who can make Oaklynn SOOO mad, and at the same time she can make her SOOO happy. Yep... sounds just like me and my sisters growing up. THAT'S a sister. 
These two little girls together melt my heart. I love seeing them laughing together and having fun.


Sharee Forsgren said...

They melt my heart as well!! Thanks for sharing your story about you and your sisters and the love Oaklynn and Kynslee share as sisters.

steve + brindy arnett said...

thanks for sharing, i loved reading this.. what sweet little sisters!